The Local Governance Think Tank is a public sector resource to support innovative change that benefits all New Zealanders.

A first of its kind for the country, we're here to assist local government organisations to build stronger communities.

We have completed a very successful webinar series featuring leading international think tanks and practitioners. The series showcased the role of councils as anchor institutions taking back control of the governance of their communities. This includes their role in empowering self-identifying communities supported by capacity and capability development and initiatives such as local place planning and participatory budgeting.

It's a package of measures designed to shift the nature of New Zealand's governance from a top down to much more of a bottom-up approach based on strengthening the voice of communities.

This is the core of the work the think tank is now doing an overview of which you can see on this website's our choose localism strategy page which also explains how you can get involved.

Access the recordings of the webinars at the foot of the Our Choose Localism Strategy page.


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Informal direction is being provided by Waipa District Council and a number of other councils

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